Tiger Kang Karate's Philosophy of Children Although the physical benefits of karate are important in helping ensure children remain healthy and active, it is the mental and emotional aspect of karate that truly separates Tiger Kang from other karate schools.
Focus. This word echoes throughout the dojo. Children today often have difficulty focusing on more than one task at a time. At Tiger Kang Karate, children as young as four are presented with detailed physical forms, or katas, that they must master in order to earn a belt. Children quickly learn how to harness their energies and focus their attentions to the task at hand to accomplish their goals.
Determination. Many parents today speak about lack of motivation in their children. At Tiger Kang Karate, the goal is to transform a child from being motivated by his or her teachers to eventually learning to motivate him or herself. As a child graduates through levels of difficulty at Tiger Kang Karate, your "personal best" goes from being encouraged as a lower belt to expect as a higher belt.
Respect. If there is one word that sums up Sensei Mini and Tiger Kang Karate's philosophy it is respect. From a child's first day of class, he or she is taught to 'bow in' to the dojo. This first symbol is one of many taught and expected by the instructors. Sensei Mini believes very deeply in instilling children with basic manners and values. She hopes that lessons learned in the dojo will follow children them throughout their lives.


When you join Tiger Kang Karate, you don't just join a karate studio. You join a family of like-minded, supportive and dedicated individuals