Sensei Mini Kang
Sensei Mini Biography
For Sensei Mini Kang, owner of Tiger Kang Karate, the last 28 years spent teaching karate weren't so much a career choice as a birth rite: karate is in her blood. Sensei Mini was born to a family with a rich history steeped in the martial arts. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Sensei is only female out of four children. Her father was trained in martial arts while working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the South Korean government. In fact, Sensei Mini honored her father's legacy in her karate studio's name. Her father was a man known for his courage, skill and power. While working In South Korea's CIA, he earned the nickname, the 'Tiger' Lee. All three of her brothers were also highly skilled and respected experts in the field of martial arts. Her family still maintains an elite karate studio in the town where Mini was raised. From a young age, she recognized the power, significance and importance of karate. Her first official role outside her family karate school found Sensei working in the challenging role training Special Ops officers on a US Forces Korea base in various forms of combat self-defense and martial arts. Sensei eventually immigrated to the United States and continued not only instructing others, but also broadening her own martial arts trainings and techniques. She currently holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu and Goju Ryu. Sensei Mini's dedication to honoring and preserving martial arts has been passed down to her two children, Nina and Peter. Nina and Peter currently holds black belt in Goju Ryu and Japanese Jujitsu. Sensei Mini honored her husband and children's last name of 'Kang' to come up with the name of her dojo: 'Tiger' in honor of her father and 'Kang' in honor of her husband and children. 'Tiger' represents Sensei Mini's family legacy in South Korea. 'Kang' represents her own family legacy in the United States.